23 October, 2012



Helen was born in 1982 and grew up in Southend-on-Sea, but moved to London in 2005. She graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2009 with a degree in Fine Art and works mainly in print, but also performance with the Readers and more recently Moby Clit & the She Shanties. She creates kaleidoscope, abstract silkscreen prints by ‘obsessively’ layering colour over an assortment of images she finds of second rate celebrities and is interested in using different inks, substances and substrates to multiply colours through overprinting. Her approach is idiosyncratic and cynically humorous and her reference to icons of popular culture and mass production is her way of ‘establishing ulterior narratives, with current works leaning towards dystopia and bleak future wars and invasions’. The subjects aren’t exactly cheerful then, but they are striking to look at.

 The Recommended Course is Shown by a Solid Line
A imagined world where Noel Edmonds attempts to enslave the human race with an army of second rate television personalities cum cyborgs.

He chopped it off with a circular saw while making props in his shed. A dog ate it then shat it out. I saw it sticking up out of the dog turd and this is where it ended up.

Analogue Cheese Trip

Debbie McGee Crying Piss

The Idiots Lantern

Stratford Skid Scale

Jeremy My Dear


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