03 November, 2012


I Scream Factory began life as a multisensory MA project at Central Saint Martins college in London, in 2010. Launched by Austrian-born ice cream enthusiast and creative project manager Alexandra Plesner, the project stems from her family’s links to the world of frozen delicacies – with them founding a business that has past down through five generations. Ice cream is not simply the frozen confection that artfully infused its culinary history with an enduring dash of romance, it is also a striking metaphor for life’s fragility.
“We need metaphors, so that we can make sense out of what we can not see nor touch, otherwise it will be forgotten.” (Alain de Botton – Trost der Philosophie)
I Scream Factory explores perceptions of life through the medium of ice cream by delving into the metaphoric possibilities of the product.
I Scream Factory는 2010년 오스트리아 태생의 Ice Cream의 열혈 팬이자 이 프로젝트의 Creative Project Manager인 Alexander Plesner에 의해 런던의 Central Saint Martins College의 다감각적인 MA project의 하나로써 시작되었다. 이 프로젝트는 그녀 가족 5세대에 거쳐 전해져내려오던 작게 얼린 세계로부터 줄기를 이어받아 이루어졌다. Ice Cream은 단순히 교묘하게 요리의 역사에 깊게 침투하는 로맨스를 교묘히 집어넣은 얼린 과자가 아니다. 또한 Ice Cream은 연약한 삶에 대한 끝내주는 비유이기도 하다. 
"우리가 보거나 만지지 못하지만 존재하는 것들을 잊어버리지 않고, 이해하고 기억하기 위해 비유가 필요해요." (Alain de Botton – Trost der Philosophie)
I Scream Factory 는 그 product의 잠재적 비유를 파고들어가 
아이스크림이라는 매체를 통해 삶의 인식들을 탐험한다.


Nadia Sarwar

Nadia is the New York based photographer.
“The images are an ode to wasted youth, 
a nod to the darker undertones of what ice cream represents.”
Nadia Sarwar

Maxim Emelyanov

The young expressionist Maxim Emelyanov fell for
the idea of a metaphoric connection 
to another world through photography.
“I want to show the fragility of our world, 
the depth and timeless beauty of nature.” 

Paintbrush Factory Exhibition

The first solo exhibition was conceived 
around a video installation 
about a man in a cage 
and the thought he is after.

originally from iscreamfactory.co.uk